Introduction of International Student Employment Academy

The International Student Employment Academy is a company specializing in assisting foreigners, including international students, to find employment for foreigners, and provides guidance to Japanese companies for local education and training for foreigners I will. Participants welcome international students who wish to come to Japan actively participate, not limited to foreigners in Japan. At the International Student Employment Academy, a majority of students can significantly increase the current passing rate through the curriculum through specially coordinated 8-day active training and related daily instruction. More than 20 experienced instructors from major Japanese companies adjust the contents of the lecture according to changes in the actual condition of the site, improve the priorities of educational methods and training appropriately according to the situation of the students, Understand the contents of the course to fundamentally improve the level of internship.


In extensive training course, up your employment ability! ! !

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「Employment skill special training course」

You can learn 11 areas such as Business Japanese, Japanese Company Employment Theory, Employment Skill Theory, Employment Aptitude Testing, Self-Analysis Theory, Self-Public Relations Theory, Resume Practice, Business Manners, Writing Exams, Interview Exams, and Company Selectivity Theory.
The content of this course is a course prepared by Ajia Training Co., Ltd. so that foreigners can get a job in Japan. It is an important knowledge that neither teach nor teach from school.     Foreigners work seriously at Japanese companies and learn by experiencing the atmosphere and environment of Japanese companies.


「Part-time job introduction course」

A part-time job introduction service is a service that provides international students with part-time workouts and guarantees the introduction of part-time jobs. Before introducing your part-time job, you will receive the necessary training. I will introduce a part-time job as soon as I pass this training. We will introduce part-time jobs considering the abilities of international students, school entry hours and commuting time from part-time jobs. Part-time job introduction The shortest schedule
Part-time job introduction shortest schedule
You can introduce a part-time job with 10-day minimum training!


「100% job offer courses」

It is a course of personal hiring and guidance education and job hunting support.
We support from goal determination to the status of residence. Three to one support team. The staff will support one customer by Japanese nationality, mother nationality, visa officer. We will teach in-house business practice and interview measures. Basically, within the contract period, I will instruct you to make a job offer. We will support you not only for job talks but also for obtaining your status of residence.
Characteristics of "guarantee course"
3 to 1 guidance. Acquisition of status of residence. Increase personal impression (Employment competitiveness)

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We are looking for employment place suitable for foreigners by utilizing dozens of our bases deployed all over Japan, including our Japanese staff! We hold a weekly employment briefing session with over 1500 abundant projects posted on our comprehensive information site "Asia Job!"

The National Foreign Workers' Association regularly organizes the Visa Forum (Immigration Control Law Study Group) to present and operate the residency status system. Administrative staff and experienced lawyers meet the demand.We will be full force to help customers. Home page


At the Overseas Job Center, there is always a job that suits you for a variety of job offers from listed companies to restaurants. Job information is updated dailySearch at home page


This is Japan's largest state-owned management company specializing in residency. I am proud of Japan's highest allowable rate for difficult visa applications. Visa related sites VISA website We support many languages, if you have any problems, please contact us. We will discuss and comment on your current situation.


Asia Ltd. is a service providing information on affordable housing, dormitories and rooms in Tokyo. 1 month rent 19,800 yen ~ In addition, no need for a guarantor, foreigners can rent easily detail home page


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