In-house information

Tokyo Kanda head office

Reception / waiting room


1 When you reach the Kanda station

2 After getting off the train ,go to the `East Exit

3 When you reach the east exit trun left to this way

4 Go straight forward

5 Cross the road and continue straight forward

6 Cross the big traffic signal light and continue straight

7 You will see a Ginza line but keep walking straight forward

8 Continue straight

9 After some steps you will see docomo shop and Mufg Bank ,but keep walking straight

10 Cross the road and straight forward

11 Continue straight

12 From here you will see the Asia Group Board

13 You are in your destination(Asia Group)

14 Entrance for the Asia Group

15 Information Center is in 6F

Access MAP

  • JR 山手線・京浜東北線・中央線 神田駅

  • 都営地下鉄 新宿線 小川町駅

  • 都営地下鉄 新宿線 岩本町駅

  • JR 山手線・総武線 秋葉原駅駅