【100% Employment skill training

Job hunting activities Personal instruction lecture and support students who have received lecture to support job hunting activities in all directions

  • 3 in 1 Teaching
  • Acquisition of status of residence
  • Increase personal impression (Employment competitiveness)
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Employment ability special training course · What is guarantee course?

Characteristics of "guarantee course"

  1. It is a course of personal hiring and guidance education and job hunting support.
  2. We support from goal determination to the status of residence.
  3. Three to one support team. The staff will support one customer by Japanese nationality, mother nationality, visa officer.
  4. We will teach in-house business practices and interview countermeasures.
  5. Basically, within the contract period, I will instruct you to make a job offer. We will support you not only for job talks but also for obtaining your status of residence.

Employment ability special training course

Business Japanese, Japanese enterprises Employment theory, Employment skill theory, Employment aptitude test, Self analysis theory, Self-public relations theory, Resume practice, Business etiquette, Writing exam, Interview exam, Company selection theory. The content of this course is a course prepared by Ajia Training Co., Ltd. so that foreigners can get a job in Japan. It is an important knowledge that neither teach nor teach from school.

Home school Japanese school Asia Group Co., Ltd.
Students There are few schools for overseas employment. The students are Japanese students. All the students are foreign job applicants in Japan. People from various countries, people of various age.
Theory I will teach you with the materials I looked up on the Internet or in the library. I am going to get used to Japanese students. There is almost no content of foreign job hunting. Three years, what I thought in terms of company and foreign job seekers. All contents are important knowledge for foreign job hunting.
Environment · Practice Job hunting in Japan and other countries has a big difference, so practicing in your home country can not guarantee hiring in Japan. Practice is a course prepared for Japanese students, so we can not guarantee the results of foreign job hunting. Foreigners work seriously at Japanese companies and learn by experiencing the atmosphere and environment of Japanese companies.

Internship period of the guarantee course depends on the course. Please contact the staff for details.

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