Job class

  • Employment special training on 8th

  • Industry analysis consultation guidance

  • Interview force skyrocketing

  • 100%100% planned guarantee

  • Create a job plan for individuals

  • Priority recommendation to good companies

  • Self-analysis, self self-support points

  • Entry sheet correction

  • Interview exercises

Activity class

  • Prosperous byte with shift effect

  • From resume to interview support

  • As soon as I arrive in Japan, I will make a decision

  • Multiple staff support

  • Special lessons from everyday conversation to business conversation

  • Event information that can use Japanese

International class

  • For overseas employment

  • 3 Month Intensive Ability Training

  • Get a job and get a visa in Japan

  • From overseas for management

  • 3 Month Intensive Training

  • Acquire rapid visa and expand overseas business

  • Learning while traveling

  • Visa to all over Japan!

  • Opportunity to get a job in Japan